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Wholesome Health Pharmacy in Hoffman Estates, Illinois has been filling prescriptions for their customers going on more than 25 years. The full-service pharmacy's knowledgeable staff is there to answer questions customers have about a specific medication and provide private counseling when necessary. A simple phone call is all it takes to pick up a medication curbside, too. If you're looking for a new pharmacy, give Wholesome Health Pharmacy a call. They fill prescriptions in under 10 minutes on average.

Traditional Prescription Filling Q & A

Wholesome Health Pharmacy

What is traditional prescription filling?

Traditional prescription filling refers to having medication ordered by a medical professional such as a physician, physician's assistant, or a nurse practitioner and then dispensed by a pharmacist.

There's a method to preparing and dispensing medication safely and efficiently. In fact, pharmacology is a medical discipline that pharmacists spend years of training to master. Even the support staff that works with the pharmacists goes through extensive training.

Of course, refills are part of the service offered by Wholesome Health Pharmacy. If a customer needs a refill, they can go online and order one, call the pharmacy, or send an email.

How are prescription transfers handled?

Customers just call the pharmacy during the working hours or bring their bottle into the store. The Wholesome Health Pharmacy staff take care of transferring the prescription over to their service.

How does the Wholesome Health Pharmacy curbside service work?

Customers can come into the store to pick up their prescriptions. There's parking available in front and behind the pharmacy to make it simple. If they prefer curbside service, though, they just call the staff when they arrive, and someone runs the prescription out to the car.

How long does it take to fill a prescription?

It depends on several factors, including whether the pharmacy is busy. But, on average, most prescriptions take under 10 minutes to fill.

Special orders for hard-to-find medications or particular products typically take a business day. The pharmacy offers text notifications, too, so customers know when their order is ready.

What is the text notification service?

Wholesome Health Pharmacy offers customers a chance to sign up for text notifications to alert them when a prescription is ready. They provide the same service via the email system, too.

Once you receive a notification, you're free to come into the store or take advantage of the curbside delivery at any time during store hours.

How do customers pay for prescriptions?

The store accepts checks, cash, and credit or debit card payments for the insurance copay or retail price for medication. People even come in and pay by traveler’s check.

Let Wholesome Health Pharmacy be your go-to facility for prescription refills and pick-ups. Call today to find out if you can get your medications sent here.