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Specialty compounding allows pharmacists to custom make medication to suit the needs of a patient. Wholesome Health Pharmacy in Hoffman Estates, Illinois works with patients to find a formula that fits the doctor’s directions in a way that also helps the patient. It’s a science of personalizing medications for specific patients to avoid nasty side effects, reduced compliance, or complications. If you're wondering if compounding or specialty flavoring is right for you, call Wholesome Health Pharmacy to learn more and make an informed decision.

Specialty Compounding and Specialty Flavoring Q & A

What is specialty compounding?

Sometimes a medication just doesn’t "agree" with a patient. When that happens, pharmacists compound a formula based on the patient’s needs. This is where a trained pharmacists combine a variety of ingredients to create a customized medication.

In the 1950s, drug manufacturers entered the picture, and everything changed, including the role of the pharmacist. At that point, pharmacies became dispensaries for manufactured dosages. The art of customization fell by the wayside, especially in corporate settings.

Wholesome Health Pharmacy believes that sometimes a patient needs something special, so they have brought back the art of compounding. The pharmacist uses harmless chemicals and raw materials to custom-make a medication based on the doctor’s orders.

Why are compounding and flavoring done?

The reason behind each compounding order varies based on the patient and what works best for them. Some reasons for compounding and flavoring are as follows:

  • The compound order improves patient compliance
  • A patient needs a non-oral formulation of a medication
  • A custom flavor makes the medication more appealing
  • The patient needs a topical formula of an oral medication

Sometimes, the manufactured dosage isn’t right, which is often the case for pet prescriptions.

Manufacturers usually base the dosage for animal prescriptions on human weight, which renders it ineffective. With compounding, the pharmacist can customize it to the body weight of a dog or cat. They can also do this for unusually small patients taking a drug that isn’t offered in a pediatric dose.

The staff at Wholesome Health Pharmacy also create nutritional supplementations that help patients meet their wellness goals using compounding techniques.

How is compounding done?

Medication compounding is a science, so it should only be done by a trained professional. Furthermore, your pharmacist should only do it per your health care provider's orders.

The pharmacists at Wholesome Health Pharmacy spend years mastering pharmacology. They use that expertise to create formulas designed to improve the patient’s ability and desire to take a specific drug.