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In the wake of the escalating opioid crisis, many companies, healthcare providers, and even patients are dedicating themselves to responsible pain management. Wholesome Health Pharmacy in Hoffman Estates, Illinois is proud to be part of the growing list of healthcare services that promote patient safety and responsible pain management practices along with helping to control the overuse of opioid drugs. If you are curious about how responsible pain management works, give Wholesome Health Pharmacy a call.

Responsible Pain Management Q & A

What is the opioid crisis?

The Illinois Department of Public Health estimates that 1.9 million Americans suffer from substance abuse related to prescription opioid pain relievers. That number has quadrupled since 1999.

The agency states that in Illinois more people die from opioid drug overdoses than both homicides and motor vehicle accidents. In 2014, there were 45% more fatal opioid overdoses than homicides and 25 percent more than fatal car crashes.

Due to the escalating and frightening trend, the medical community including pharmacies like Wholesome Health Pharmacy is looking for ways to better manage pain and reduce the number of opioids offered to patients.

What is the purpose of responsible pain management?

There is a growing concern in this country about the use of opioids for chronic pain and how that is contributing to the rise in addiction and overdoses. Opioids are medicines often prescribed to manage moderate or severe pain. The medication acts by binding to opioid receptors. That binding produces a euphoric sensation that eases the pain.

The problem with using opioids in this fashion is patients develop a tolerance for the drug. It takes more to create the same effect over time. Long-term use can lead to dependence on the drug and withdrawal symptoms once the person stops taking it.

Responsible pain management strategies are designed to curtail the problem and find other ways to deal with chronic pain. Many states regulate pain management and prescribing policies as a result.

Wholesome Health Pharmacy partners with consumers and healthcare providers to do their part in promoting awareness and educating the public about responsible pain management. They offer non-opioid alternatives, too, like hemp oil and essential oils to soothe aches.

The staff and pharmacists are always on hand to answer questions patients might have about their prescription medications and opioid use. They work with physicians and medical professionals to avoid problems that might be otherwise missed such as contraindications for a patient with a history of opioid dependence.

As a full-service center, Wholesome Health Pharmacy also provides specialty compounding and flavoring for patients that need a custom medication to manage withdrawals.

What is hemp oil?

Hemp oil contains cannabinoids that act on the body’s endocannabinoid system to help manage chronic pain to help regulate the body’s systems.

How is opioid withdrawal treated?

A healthcare provider might prescribe medication to help ease the symptoms of withdrawal and manage chronic pain if it’s still an issue. Common prescription grade drugs provided for opioid withdrawal include:

  • A smaller dose or different opioid drug
  • Blood pressure medicine
  • Anti Anxiety medicine
  • Anti Nausea medicine

Most prescription drugs work to take the edge off as the body detoxes. A medical professional might also decide to provide maintenance therapy to ease the person off the drug slowly.

Over-the-counter options available at Wholesome Health Pharmacy might help, too, such as essential oils and protein powders for energy. Nonprescription pain relievers ease the discomfort, too.

How can someone in withdrawal deal with cravings?

Cravings are a typical part of the withdrawal cycle but there some at-home remedies that help. Exercise is important because it releases endorphins that are natural mood enhancers. Proper nutrition with plenty of protein is essential, as well, to keep energy levels up.