Heavy Metal Testing

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Heavy Metal Testing

Heavy Metals Testing

The presence of toxic metals in our environment is constantly growing with the ever-increasing pollution levels and other contaminants. Chemical products, fertilizers, industrial paint, building materials and silver dental fillings are just some of the sources of heavy metals in everyday life. Toxic metals may normally be present in the body in very low levels, but continuous exposure along with metabolic abnormalities and detoxification issues can cause accumulation of heavy metals in body tissues and in the brain. Many symptoms of heavy metal toxicity are similar to symptoms of neurological and psychiatric disorders so the root cause of symptoms may be hard to determine without laboratory testing. Heavy metal testing is available at Wholesome Health Pharmacy along with personalized recommendations to address any heavy metal toxicity.

Why is Heavy Metals testing important?

Heavy metal testing can be an important piece of understanding the cause of a variety of conditions and symptoms. Metals testing is also important for measuring toxic metals that can impede development and normal brain functioning. It can also provide a measurement of other minerals that are essential for normal growth and good health. Toxic overload and metabolic imbalances are more likely to happen when minerals are depleted.  

Important Markers in Metals Testing

  • Mercury can contribute to symptoms of fatigue, depression, neurological and behavioral disorders and more.
  • Aluminum can be an important factor in Alzheimer’s disease
  • Lead can lead to nausea, fatigue, communication and concentration problems and more.
  • Zinc deficiency can be responsible for allergies, developmental problems, hair loss, acne, weight problems and more.
  • Magnesium deficiency can contribute to anxiety, depression, spasms and more.
  • Copper deficiency can cause increasing cholesterol levels, anemia and chronic infections.