About Wholesome Health Pharmacy
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The relationship one builds with a pharmacy is critical, which is why many people stick with a local store they know. Wholesome Health Pharmacy in Hoffman Estates, Illinois is conveniently located near St. Alexus Medical Center and a number of medical buildings. They strive to be that local pharmacy on hard-to-answer questions, assist with prescription transfers, provide medication synchronization, help with insurance companies including Medicare and they even have curbside pickup.

People come to Wholesome Health Pharmacy for more than just prescriptions. They offer wellness essentials such as supplements and protein powder, as well as specialty compounding to help reduce systemic side effects. Wholesome Health Pharmacy works to meet veterinary drug needs, too.

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You can turn to Wholesome Health Pharmacy for wellness services. Food sensitivity testing, for example, helps identify things in the customer’s diet that might lead to bloating or fatigue. The goal is to detect both IgG antibody and immune complexes to improve overall wellness.

Wholesome Health Pharmacy is a one-stop shop for essential health products, distinctive services, and traditional prescription filling.