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NutraSumma Fiber Core Capsules 180 capsules


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Nutra Summa Fiber Complex

Acts as a natural laxative*
Sweeps waste from the intestinal walls*
Protects the lining of the colon*
Blocks cholesterol absorption*
Promotes cardiovascular health*

One serving of Nutra Summa Fiber Core Capsules provides 2 grams of fiber — !

How fiber works: When soluble fiber meets water in the GI tract, it dissolves, creating a thick gel that blocks the absorption of cholesterol. In that way, soluble fiber promotes cardiovascular health.* Insoluble fiber doesn’t dissolve in water. It adds bulk to your stool, making it easier to eliminate.* While most fiber supplements provide either soluble or insoluble fiber, Fiber Complex includes both!

Why Nutra Summa fiber? 
Support: Ingredients that complement fiber’s actions, such as probiotics (beneficial bacteria that support digestion), prebiotics (which act as food for beneficial bacteria), digestive herbs (which stop gas before it starts) and protease (which breaks down food debris).*

Alkalization: Magnesium, an alkalizing mineral that acts as a natural laxative

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