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NutraSumma Complete for Men 90 capsules


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Boosts energy: Supports cardiovascular health; May help maintain memory; Supports reproductive health; May support liver and digestive health; Helps build strong, healthy bones; Promotes a healthy prostate; Much more than a multivitamin. 

Vitamin deficiency: more common than you think

Your body needs over two dozen different vitamins and minerals to function. Yet according to recent reports, 77 percent of Americans have insufficient blood levels of vitamin D, 29 percent are either outright deficient in vitamin B12 or have only marginally acceptable levels, and less than half get adequate vitamin K.

How Complete for Men works

Complete for Men meets — or exceeds — the daily value for all 13 essential vitamins and helps fulfill your mineral needs. But that’s just the beginning. It utilizes the most bioavailable forms of nutrients for optimal absorption. It includes specialty ingredients for energy, heart, memory, liver, digestion and bone support.* And it’s tailored to men’s needs, with extra zinc for reproductive health, plus prostate-supporting ingredients such as lycopene, saw palmetto, pumpkin seed, and nettles.*

Why Nutra Summa Complete for Men?

Absorption: The most bioavailable forms of nutrients for optimal absorption.

Support: Specialty ingredients that reinforce the benefits of vitamins and minerals.

Alkalization: Vegetable and green food powders to help neutralize acidic waste.*

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