Essential Oils


Not all essential oils are created equally.

We select Essential oils whose standards of quality are some of the strictest in the industry.

What is an essential oil?

An essential oil is a concentrated, volatile, aromatic liquid that is obtained from the fruits, seeds, flowers, barks, stems, roots, leaves, or other parts of a plant.  There are estimated to be 10,000 aromatic plants on earth and approximately 500 of these are processed commercially for essential oil extraction. These oils have been used for centuries for both their healing and aromatic benefits.  This is most commonly accomplished by steam distillation and sometimes hydro distillation (the plant is gently boiled in water).  More modern methods include mechanically expressing oils from citrus fruit peel, and solvent extraction.  Solvent extracted oils include CO2 extracts and absolutes, and these are not classed as essential oils.

Fantastic Natural Compounds

Essential oils are composed of many constituents, typically about 100, though it can range from 10 to 200.  Factors that affect the composition, and therefore the quality of an oil, include where the plant was grown (country of origin, latitude, elevation) soil and weather conditions, time of day and time of year of harvest, and various parameters of distillation.

Wellness Essential Oils are fantastic natural compounds to stock for the home.  When used appropriately, they are a source of inspiration, quality, and commitment to health*.

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