The NuCalm Feeling


The Edge Of Sleep

Whether you are an avid or even occasional NuCalm user - you know the “NuCalm feeling.” That peaceful, weightless, dreamlike, and totally relaxed feeling. For the brief period during which you NuCalm, the world around you turns off and you are alone inside your mind and body with a deep awareness of your thoughts and intuition.

NuCalm is clinically proven to bring you into a state of parasympathetic dominance, where the “rest-and-digest” branch of your autonomic nervous system takes control. Using advanced neuroacoustic software (the “music-like” component of the system), NuCalm is able to bring your brainwaves down to the frequency range right on the verge of sleep. The GABA cream and electrical stimulation kickstart the inhibitory processes in your brain, slowing down the body and preparing it for sleep and recovery. Your thoughts may drift but your body is effortlessly suspended in this restful state.

You can also think of this as a state of deep meditation. In fact, NuCalm induces a type of breathing practiced through meditation by the most skilled monks. Where respiration is reduced to one breath per ten seconds and cell oxygenation is at its peak. This is how you can access “a realm of clarity”.
A Lasting Effect

During your NuCalm session, you are worry and stress-free as there is no room for negative thoughts; and your breath and heart rate slow as your body begins to heal. But that good feeling doesn’t disappear after your NuCalm session is over.

NuCalm reboots your biological systems so they function at top notch - your immune system and circadian rhythms included. NuCalm helps dissociate negative emotions from painful memories so that you can move past obstacles without anxiety. It also optimizes oxygen delivery to your muscles and brain so you are physically and mentally prepared to perform to the best of your ability in whatever comes your way.  

If you haven’t experienced the NuCalm feeling come try NuCalm today - it will change your life. Call us at 224-653-9878 to find out how you can experience the NuCalm feeling today. 
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