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Coordinated care plans are a significant portion of the health reform platform. Wholesome Health Pharmacy in Hoffman Estates, Illinois is a full-service pharmacy that proudly offers medication synchronization for more efficient coordination and better outcomes. The goal for each Wholesome Health pharmacist is to create a strategy that improves a patient’s chance of meeting specific goals. Medication synchronization is part of that process. If you want to know more about how medication synchronization works, give Wholesome Health Pharmacy a call.


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What is medication synchronization?

Medication synchronization is a campaign started by the American Pharmacists Association in 2014, designed to improve patient care. It involves the coordination of the end dates for all medications taken by one person to improve patient compliance and engagement.

For example, a Wholesome Health Pharmacy customer might take a drug for cholesterol, one for high blood pressure, and another to balance the thyroid hormones. These are long-term medications that will likely require refilling.

Without medication synchronization, the customer might end up making three separate calls to the pharmacy and three trips to pick up a prescription.

With the medication synchronization plan provided by Wholesome Health Pharmacy, the refills are all available at the same time. One phone call and one trip are all that customer needs to pick up three medications.

Why are pharmacies offering this service?

It’s easier for the patient, but it also drives patient compliance.

A patient who takes three medications may let one slide to avoid making three trips to the pharmacy. Perhaps they out of high blood pressure medication and decide to do without until one of the other drugs requires a refill. That might mean weeks without crucial drug therapy.

Wholesome Health Pharmacy strives to prevent those lapses in therapy by synchronizing medications. If all three come up for a refill at the same time, the customer is more likely to stay on a regimented treatment plan. It also allows the pharmacists and staff to check-in with the customer on a schedule to make sure everything is okay.

How much does medication synchronization cost?

That’s the best part about this service: At Wholesome Health Pharmacy, medication synchronization is free.

The Patient Care Team members at the pharmacy work with each customer to develop an efficient timeline. The computer system flags the staff to call the customer when it is time for a refill, too.

If you think medication synchronization can help you maintain your health goals, call Wholesome Health Pharmacy to make them your go-to facility for pick-ups and refills.